Diamond Jubilee Barn Dance February 2016

Was this the wettest weekend of the winter? Perhaps it was, but it didn't stop club members old and new, players from local clubs and various guests from sloshing in their galoshes to Sidbury Village Hall. They were there for the dancing, the dinner and the moderate and responsible drinking in order to celebrate the club's sixty years in the Exeter and District Badminton League.

Dancing got underway almost immediately, led by Caller Jeremy whose shirt was as loud as his voice. It continued until dinner was served, cooked by Lawrence and Chris Boddington. Club Chairman Graham thanked everyone for turning up and for the work done by Linda, Hilary and others for organising the evening.

He introduced Sally Copplestone, President of Exeter & District  Badminton League. Sally reminisced about playing against Sidmouth in its first home, the Drill Hall on the Esplanade. She also talked about the memoribilia she had brought along, including the trophies won by Sidmouth last season.

Traditions must be honoured. The New Zealand rugby team always perform the Haka before matches and after every race F1 Grand Prix winners shower champange. Sidmouth Badminton Club social events have a raffle. Tickets were drawn and prizes were distributed.

Then it was back to the dancing.There was an interesting and varied selection including a slow hip-swaying number and The Gay Gordons, named long before the more modern usage of the word.

Willows got stripped in a shambolic (but fun) way - its more difficult than you think. We were on safer ground with the do-si-do, but then its hard to get that wrong. (Do-si-do comes from the french  dos-à-dos, meaning back-to-back. Not-a-lot-a-people know that.)

Elizabeth (in the red dress) and Kim, who came along as guests, promenade round the hall.

Keiran is on the end of the those arms. His girlfriend forms the other half of an arch for the dancers.

Guests of Maureen (second left) charge down the line of dancers.

I don't know if this lot are going to start a dance or a riot. Either way, its going to be ugly. I blame Graham (far left).

In a quieter moment, Ruth enjoys a chat with League President Sally Copplestone.


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Here's a video of the last dance, supplied by Grace.


Finally, the bar looked in danger of closing, so we took the hint and walked into the dark, dark night.