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Social Activities - 2010/2011

Wednesday 6th October
Club Tournament

The first club tournament was well supported, with 9 pairs playing in the handicapped Round Robin event.  New members Ann Price, Clare Turnstill and Rob Pering joined club regulars in an enjoyable evening.  It was a very close final, with Hilary Herd & Rob Pering beating Clare Turnstill & Harry Williams by a single point.


Friday 8th October
Quiz Night

Over thirty people turned up for this feast of chilli-con-carne and questions.  Six teams battled bravely through ten testing rounds, and such was the quality of the of the assembled anoraks that only nineteen points separated the first team from the last.  Winners were the über-competitive and extremely noisy Quintet, despite claiming that Portland Bill was either the bloke who invented cement, or an isthmus.  (Its a lighthouse.)  The restrained and courteous Devon Dumplings brought up the rear - there's no justice, is there?  Thanks to all who contributed with prizes for the raffle, bought raffle tickets, or simply turned up.  Special thanks go to Graham and Debbie Baker, and to Linda McCracken for organizing the event.


Friday 10th December
Simon's Curry Night

Rumour has it that, to complement the range of dishes from the Indian sub-continent offered by Sidmouth Tandoori, someone consumed a whole box of Roses chocolates.  Another version suggests it was a bottle of Rosé wine.  Obviously, because neither story has been substantiated, I cannot reveal who it was.

Hope your knee is much better, Debbie.


Wednesday 15th December
Christmas Knockout Tournament

Excellent support from club and visiting players (in two sets of 10) made for a lively competition.  In the final, Rod Bolam and Ann Price edged ahead of Will Rozier and Clare Turnstill to win 21 - 16.  But, judging from the photograph (below), Rod was worked pretty hard by the opposition.  Also pictured are the runners up, Clare & Will.

Rod & Ann

Clare & Will


Saturday 26th February
Pub Games Evening (Skittles Night) 

Darts was off the list of games provided - perhaps the Landlord had seen some club members play and decided they were an Health & Safety hazard.  Nevertheless, five teams of seven people moved round the room, indulging in Table Skittles, Shove Ha'penny, Bagatelle (with a genuine stick to flick the balls - none of this modern spring-loaded plunger nonsense), Tiddlywinks and the Skittle Alley.


table skittles

There was the half-time buffet and the full-time raffle, where Vernon managed to win back his own prize donation of a badminton racket.  Sportingly, he left it in the prize pool and  it was next won by Jenny.  Jenny, temporarily unable to play, auctioned it off, netting another £20 for club funds.

shove ha'penny

It doesn't really matter who were the overall winners of the games, this being a social/fund raising night, but for the record, the Double Faulters were first, and Patrick had the highest individual score (788).

skittles group

Obviously, these evenings don't organise themselves, so thanks are due to Graham & Debbie Baker, Linda, and the many who provided the games and the raffle prizes.


Wednesday 30th March
End of Season Tournament

The Treasurer has tried to explain to me this year's tournament format, but without much success. However it seems that Hilary was the highest scoring lady. William, given the honorary status of a lady called Jane, came second. Top scoring man was Paul, with Graham Munday second. The final match consisted of Paul & Jane versus Graham & Hilary, which was won by Paul & Jane. I understand that Jane reverted to William before celebrations got out of hand. 

Saturday 14th May
League Presentation Evening

A table at this event was organised by Graham Baker. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, so I cannot report any gossip.

Tuesday 7th June
Club AGM

Amongst other items on the agenda, subscriptions and club night dates were agreed. The good news is that subscriptions and match fees will be unchanged for the 2011/2012 season. Club night venue and times are also unchanged; dates are 7th September - 14th December 2011 and 4th January - 28th March 2012.

There were no nominations for election, so the current Members and Officers have agreed to continue in post. A further committee meeting will be held on 19th July - if you have any issues for discussion, please contact a Member.