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Social Activities - 2014/2015

Wednesday 10th September
First club night

Those really keen and organised members who brought along their subs were disappointed to find that the Treasurer wasn't there to collect same - she was on holiday, apparently. The good news is that she will be happy to lighten your loaded wallet or purse next week and subsequent weeks. But if you now miss the 15th October deadline for the five quid discount, well, life can be harsh, sometimes.

Saturday 18th October
Pub games Night

It's impressive how seriously people take these games - just like the Eurovision Song Contest. To the team who scored 'nil points', I feel your pain.

Games night 2014

Last year, Graham's team came last, but he must have been practicing, because the Graham/Debbie/Simon (below) combination romped in to win with 15 points.

Graham/Debbie/Simon - 2014 games night winners

Over twenty members and guests supported the evening, justifying the hard work of Graham, Linda and others put in to make it a success.

Wednesday 17th December
Christmas Fun Tournament

Christmas fun tournament 2014

There was a grand turnout of about thirty people for the tournament. Difficult to know exactly because badminton players move about a lot so its tricky to count 'em.

Grace Xmas 2014

People energetically played against other people as Grace (above) demonstrates, showing her Fencing heritage as she lunges forward.

James & Sarah Xmas 2014

It culiminated in a final, where James and Sarah (above) narrowly lost to Steve and Ruth (below) by 18 points to 21.

Steve & Ruth Xmas 2014

Steve, in a seasonally sartorial shirt, seems to be enjoying a rummage round Linda's goodies. The traditional Secret Santa presents are distributed as the evening draws to a close. Chairman Graham supervises.

Saturday 7th February
Quiz night

Over twenty keen minds braved the Artic blasts whistling down the Sidford Road to get to the Volunteer Inn for the Quiz Night. Linda had lined up a lad called Dave to act as Quizmaster, and the questions came fast and furious.

An interesting round was based on TV's Only Connect Wall. You have sixteen words to arrange in four groups of four. The key to success here was to put Trafalgar with the other three shipping forcast areas, and add Barnet to the three 'battles' words.


Quiz night

A battle at Barnet? What's that all about then - Mods v Rockers at the Fair? Well, no. According to Wikipaedia (so it must be right) it was a Lancaster v York punch-up during the Wars of the Roses. The House of York won, just in case you are interested.

More to the point, the quiz winners were, if I heard the name right, Choccywokky-do-dah who beat the far more sensibly named Four of Us by 3 points.

At the end of the evening, the raffle was drawn, and among the usual prizes of wine and chocolates was a pack of hair dye. A lady collected it, saying 'its for a friend'.

Chairman Graham wound up proceedings with thanks to Linda for her organisation and Dave for compiling the questions and running the quiz.

I know what you're thinking. Where's the pictures of furrowed brows, of frantic scribbled answers? The photographer claims the pictures hadn't been developed properly when they came back from the chemist. I think the photographer forgot to bring the camera. You just can't get the staff.

Wednesday 1st April
End of Season Tournament

There were no black bags across the nets for the end of season tournament. They were being used to collect refuse - at least I think so; I heard someone shout 'Rubbish!'

Most of the club turned out for the handicap tournament, where two groups of five pairs got whittled down to the final between  Jenny/Will and Graham/Grace.

End-of-season finalists

Graham puts a brave face on it as young Will and pretty-in-pink Jenny take the honours this year.

Friday 15th May
League Presentation Evening

Here's the chorus of a grand old song - all together now:

Shine your buttons with Brasso
Only three h'pence a tin
Buy it or nick it from Woolworths
But I don't think they've got any in

Woolworths, like the half-penny and Monty Python's parrot, is no more. Even if Woolies was still with us and they had some Brasso, the space next to it, where they keep the Silvo, would be empty. Someone would have used it to polish the trophies in readiness for the handing-out ceremony.

Trophies 2015

But there are priorities and protocols to be observed. The buffet, even the sandwiches with the less popular fillings, disappeared and the drinks were got in before Adrian Midmer, Chairman of the League, rose. He thanked those administering the League, without whom there would not be one, and introduced Sally Copleston, President, who would present the silverware.

The St Leonards club collected much of it, but there was enough left over for Sidmouth.

John & Chris collect awards 2015

Chris Bird (right) received the Mixed Division 2A Winners Cup and John Carter collected the Mens Division 2 Winners award.

John, who plays in the Mixed as well as the Mens team, celebrates with his badminton partner Lisa.

Lisa, Grace and Hilary discuss the fiscal and economic implications of the General Election result, while Match Secretary Rod wonders if he has a winner amongst the raffle tickets he has bought.

Wednesday 24th June
Club AGM

The Club AGM has been arranged for 24th June, starting at 7.30pm, at The Volunteer, Temple Street, Sidmouth. Download the Agenda in Word or PDF format. All members are encouraged to attend so that Club activities continue to serve your interests.

The bottom of the Agenda has an invite to join the Committee. Fresh faces and fresh ideas are welcome, so do give some thought to supporting your club in this practical way.