Sidmouth Esplanade

Social Activities 2016 - 2017

7th September
First club night

Returning members were joined by some new visitors for the first club night of the season. A few people even paid their subs!


19th November
Quiz Night

I'm sure its just coincidence. Last season's Barn Dance was held on the wettest night of that winter, and this quiz was held on the eve of Storm Angus. Still, we had a good turnout for Quizmaster Dave to fire questions at us on subjects as varied as song lyrics and Capitals in Africa. First was No Disgrace with 91 points and last was Selection Box with 67.

'No Disgrace' team at the 2016 Quiz

No Disgrace included Young Miss Grace, her brother Harry and Paul Carter, so popular music was right up their street, whereas Selection Box were, to put it politely, more likely to have a Bus Pass than a Students Union card.

Hilary at the 2016 Quiz

I hope Hilary is not trying to crib an answer from the team next door.

Members donated raffle prizes and there was a brisk trade in tickets, which had to be a bargain at only £1 for a strip of five.

Ann Povall at the 2016 Quiz

Ann Povall, one of the organisers, pulled out a ticket for Chairman Graham.

The evening raised close to £100 for club funds.


14th December
Christmas Fun Tournament

It was a bit quieter than previous years with fifteen players turning up on the night. Included were Charles and Will Amos, two juniors who joined the club this year. Chairman Graham was absent, being literally and perhaps metaphorically at 35,000 feet on his way to Australia. Organising the event fell to James Newcombe and John Carter with the result that everyone played five games, and handicaps gave all a chance for glory.

Hilary, Linda, James, John Xmas 2016

The evening ended with Hilary/John and Linda/James (middle pair) being joint winners.

11th March
Skittles night

The skittles room of the Red Lion was heaving as 27 members and guests got down to the serious business of the evening. Teams were drawn by lot and four legs were played. The highest scoring leg was the second one because players had got their eye in but were not yet encumbered by drink, curry and lasange.

Rod and Mike

Rod discussed tactics with guest Mike. Sue, another guest, stood on a chair to see the final stages of a very close finish.

Sue at skittles night

Yellow team scraped home first with 168 points over Red, just one point behind. There was a bit of a gap between second and third as Green came in with 151 points, hotly persued by Blue with 148. Chairman Graham thanked Linda and Hilary for organising the evening, then called the raffle.

Skittles scoreboard

Those with homes to go to went, while some others lingered for a few more rolls of the ball.

29th March
End of Season Tournament

It was not the busiest of nights for the club. There were nine members and usefully, four visitors. One visitor was previously injured and so did not play, but he enjoyed the tournament as it unfolded. Six pairs played in a handicap-free mixed pairs round-robin style contest, with Graham and Jenny declared the winners.

Graham & Jenny at End of Season Tournament 2017

Rod, playing with visitor Mandy were the runners up. If Barry Manilow had been there, he might have burst into song.

Rod & partner at End of Season Tournament 2017

12th May
League Presentation Evening

There was a good turnout by members from the clubs that make up the league. Sidmouth was represented by a contingent from our Ladies team (seen below at their last match of the season). They were there to collect the Ladies League Trophy. I didn't go. It doesn't take much for a bunch of women to get a bit rowdy and I want to keep my dignity and trousers intact.

Ladies Team March 2017