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Social Activities - 2012/2013

Wednesday 12th September
First club night

Old club members retrieved their rackets from where they left them last March. Also, we welcome some new members, who (or possibly whom) we hope will enjoy their season with us.

Friday 16th November
Quiz Night

Twenty-five souls braved the drizzle and mist to turn out for this event. Quizmaster (or perhaps mistress) Debbie Baker fed out the questions and by the penultimate round, only a few points separated  the teams. The decider was the James Bond set, where the Jackson 5 displayed a worryingly encyclopedic knowledge of Bond babes and villains to finish first on 135 points. Graham Baker thanked Debbie Baker and Linda for their help, and those who donated prizes for the raffle. 

Wednesday 19th December
Christmas Fun Tournament

Joviality reigned as the handicap tournament took place, leading to a win for Ruth & David, below.

Ruth & David

Jenny & Steve kept the scoring close but not quite close enough, becoming this year's runners up. 

Jenny & Steve

Graham Baker and Linda, inexplicably not dressed up in Santa and Elf costumes, brought the evening to a close by dispensing presents from a Big Bag of Stuff.


Sunday 23rd December
Sponsored swim


Reported just before Christmas was Hannah's planned swim of 650 lengths at Sidmouth pool. This was to raise funds for her work experience trip to Prague. We never doubted her for a moment, and our confidence was rewarded when she completed the task. She said 'it was quite difficult', but then worthwhile achievements often are. So, sponsors, it's time to get your wallets and purses out.

Wednesday 27th March
End of Season Tournament

My intrepid reporter reports that a good crowd of members and visitors arrived for the event, giving an enthusiastic atmosphere for the evening. Graham Baker organised the handicaps, which ensured many close and exciting games. Eventual tournament winners were the team of Nick Gidley and Paul Carter.

Friday 26th April
Exeter & District league Presentation Evening

The annual end of season bash is being held at The Centre Spot, Exeter City Football Club, St James Road, Exeter, EX4 6PU. Detailed details are on the poster (pdf format). If you fancy a night out, see Graham or Linda for tickets. Or, independently minded souls can contact the League direct - see the previously mentioned poster (its still in pdf format). Either way the price is 10.

Saturday 1st June
Games night cancelled

Unfortunately, too many people are on holiday or have prior commitments, so the committee have decided to cancel the event. We hope to organise another night in September or October.

Monday 24th June

This year's AGM will be held at Sidford Tennis Club, Byes Lane, Sidford, starting at 7.30pm. All members should have received an agenda, but if you haven't got one, contact Linda for a copy. Clubs don't run themselves, people do. If you want to help out, give some serious consideration to volunteering yourself for an Officer or Committee Member position. Fill in the form at the bottom of the Agenda and get it to Linda by 21st June.

Please try to attend, or at least pass any comments about the club to a Committee Member for discussion at the meeting.