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Social Activities - 2013/2014

Wednesday 11th September
First club night and free taster session

We got off to a cracking start with about twenty people playing, including a couple of new faces. It's looking good for a busy season.

Friday 18th October
Pub Games night

Ahh, yes. Remember the good old days, when beer was 1/6d a pint and electronic toys hadn't been invented? When a trip to the pub might involve darts, dominoes, and shove ha'penny games?

Shove ha'penny game

When a ha'penny, combined with a threepenny bit and passed over the bar, got you a packet of crisps containing a little blue bag of salt? Well no, we don't remember either, because we're all too young. So the games night was a pleasant novelty for us.


Six teams competed, expertly sheperded by Chairman Graham, Secretary Linda and Match Secretary Rod. Team Teapots topped the table, with Sid Park Rangers second. The Movers were third.


The generous donation of raffle prizes and purchase of tickets boosted the takings from the event, raising over £100 for the club. 

Wednesday 18th December
Christmas Fun Tournament

The usual lighthearted larking about accompanied the contest, with someone putting black bags over the nets. The shuttlecock appeared late and shorter players didn't appear at all.

Harry Williams and Ann Poval

Anyway, the winners were Paul Carter and new member Mo Borer, with Harry Williams and Ann Poval runners up. Chairman Graham and Secretary Linda congratulated the winners, then handed out the Secret Santa festive gifts to the assembled members.

Paul Carter and Mo Borer


Saturday 8th February
Quiz Night

Quizmaster for the evening's testing teasers was Paul Carter, supported by Glamourous Assistant Jackie. Questions ranged from 'What is the Capital of Somalia' via 'What town was the fictional place Barchester based on' to 'Who used the catchphrase "seems like a nice boy"'. (Answers: Mogadishu, Dorchester, Larry Grayson.)


There was much scribbling on the answer sheets by team members before Linda's Crew (below) emerged as convincing winners with 93 points.

Linda's Crew

Suffolk & Watt were second, nudging the Hotspurs into third by half a point. As is usual on these occasions, members donated raffle prizes, then tried to win 'em back by buying tickets. In all, the evening raised about £95 for the club.



Wednesday 26th March
End of Season Tournament

An excellent turn-out for this well organised round-robin event delivered plenty of games for members to enjoy. Handicapping meant everyone was in with a chance, leading to an exciting 21-20 final. Rose Roberts and John Carter (below) were just squeezed out by Debbie Baker and David Bromage.

Rose Roberts and John Carter

The seasonal trophies were Easter eggs, presented by Chairman Graham.

Debbie Baker and David Bromage


Friday 16th May
League presentation evening

The frolics at Exeter City Football Club need a page to themselves, so click below to find out more.


Wednesday 25th June
Club AGM

The AGM at The Volunteer Inn was well attended. Details will be circulated, but two important items were agreed: to start the 2014/2015 season on Wednesday 10th September and to keep the subscriptions unchanged.