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News 10th February 2024

Club news

ShuttlecockWe have now finalised the club dates for the spring/summer period. It runs from 17th April to the 17th July. This gives a three-week break over Easter between the end of the winter sessions and the start of the spring/summer dates.

Upcoming matches

Player graphicThe last match for our Ladies team is on the 12th March. It's St Leonards who will be arriving for their challenge, when Sidmouth hope to collect enough points to get off the bottom of the league table.

Match Results

Scoreboard imageLeague leaders Exeter B visited Sidmouth on the 6th February to play Sidmouth Ladies. There was no upset to the form book as Exeter got 15 points to Sidmouth's 3. But, it was a better result than their pre-Christmas match, when Sidmouth only got 1 point.

From the Cheeky Chappie

Adam and Eve in the Garden dwelt
They were so happy and jolly
I wonder how they would have felt
If all the leaves had been Holly


Visitors & New Members

New members graphicWe can now welcome visitors and new members without having to restrict numbers due to Covid-19 regulations. Just turn up on the night. See this website for details of dates and fees, or email us at:

Club Privacy Policy

UK GDPR logo The club has published its Privacy Policy. Members are encouraged to read it. Its in pdf format; if you need to download the reader, use the link on our Join page. Committee members and others involved in the running of the club should also read the documents accessed from the Committee page. The UK has left the EU, but domestic legislation known as UK-GDPR replaces it. There are very few differences between the EU and UK versions.


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